Monday, June 8, 2020

What In Your Opinion Is Death, Dying, And Bereavement - 275 Words

What In Your Opinion Is Death, Dying, And Bereavement? (Essay Sample) Content: NameUniversityLecturerUnit codeDateWhat in your opinion is Death, Dying and Bereavement?Death, dying and bereavement are daily events in life. We see pictures of real or imagined death when watching movies or television. Death, dying and bereavement affects us differently as an individual. This short paper explains these three aspects, death, dying and bereavement, in my own opinion. In the words of Green and Wikler death is the end of life, when the body disconnects with the mind or the spirit (Green and Wikler 59). Some people think that death occurs when a persons heart stops to beat, however, this does not directly mean that the person is dead, since his frail brain may still be working, like when a person goes into a coma. Thus, death happens when the ailing consciousness finally stops entirely, the breathing ends, and the heart dies (Green and Wikler 59). Dying is a process that begins before the happening of death. Since death occurs in different ways, dying as well happens differently, and it can last from a few minutes to several years. As a process of dying starts, an individual begins a mental or spiritual path of discovery, accepting that death will eventually happen and trusting in their own death (Bradley 72). During the dying process, a person may become disoriented, delusional or weaker and end up being bedridden. Dying finally results to death (Frankfurt 13).As noted by Lawton, bereavement is a set of emotional, behavioral and physical reactions to a major loss of a loved person (54). Bereavement is a complicated process. During the course of bereavement, a person may experience sorry, anger, or sadness. The bereaved person can as well go through withdrawal or seek for social support all these are normal processes. Prolonged bereavement could be considered as complicated bereavement, and treatment may be required to solve this condition (Lewis 19).In conclusion, t...

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