Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Business Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Report - Essay Example The organization, through the new initiative, has a lot of potential and could very well be on its way to cashing in on the demand of the market and could ideally lead its industry in no time. Unfortunately, Tedallal is still experiencing difficulty primarily because its strategy is not aligned with the organizational objectives. This issue has been identified using different assessment models such as Hayes & Weelright's four-stage model, service positioning matrix (SPM), as well as concepts such as ServQual, the service profit chain, service blueprinting and the lean service concept. These frameworks revealed that there are several mismatches and incoherent elements in Tedallal’s overall business approach that compromise several features of its new operational model. This came about through several factors, including a comprehensive offering of customer values that taxed the organizational capability and resources; half-baked strategy that failed to address the achievement an d maintenance of quality in products and services; and, the failure to meet market demands. These variables, collectively, put the company in a more dangerous ground, that when left unaddressed could ultimately lead the organization to its eventual demise. The key issues identified in this report that are needed to be addressed are as follows: 1. Although the organization adopts the four essential competitive priorities in its strategy as a service company, it fails to implement them each in their own respective areas as well as in a collective model that could coherently achieve the organizational objectives; 2. Tedallal lacks the organizational culture that could enable the company to attain its objective of putting emphasis on people and service. This aspect is particularly important, since Tedallal’s new strategy requires a high degree of organizational change that can only be achieved by changing people, perspectives and attitudes. 3. The strategy to utilize low-cost res ources and failure to invest on its people took its toll on the organization's ability to meet the demands and expectations of the customers, respond to the changes and requirements of the complex products and values it started to offer after the strategy overhaul. As this report would establish, there is a need for restraint and sober strategy building in regards to how competitive advantage is to be approached and achieved. What this means is that decision-makers within the company should decide which aspect they want to focus on, then perfect it, excel on it, and gradually build a lasting and memorable relationship with its customers. This should lead Tedellal to modify its current strategy from the existing knee-jerk or reactive approach into a long-term, coherent and unique model tailored according to its core objectives, organizational strengths and capabilities. This report has outlined several models that could guide Tedallal in effectively aligning strategy and objectives, in every step and in every aspect – from the evaluation up to the measurement of strategy according to the corporate objectives. These information are contained in a logically structured discourse of three important aspects of the organization and its strategy: Operations strategy, activity and performance; Service delivery

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